Ian Cull - Designer for Hire

As an independent designer it's often difficult to communicate the services I offer, how I work, and the kinds of projects I get involved with. I cover so many different aspects of new product development that it's often impossible to tell people, quickly, exactly what I can offer them. Those of you who know me will be aware of how passionate I am about my subject / how much I can talk*

(* delete as appropriate)

Then I had a thought. A strange one at that. How would I sell myself if I was an estate agent selling a house? I mean, there are lots of properties out there, but usually only one or two fit the bill in terms of what buyers are looking for.

So I made myself a flyer. It's a single-page overview of me, describing as far as I can what to expect if you hire me. It differs from estate agent property flyers in one important way - it doesn't stretch the truth (no, that's not a fourth bedroom, it's a living room with a bed in it).

Click on the image below to download and print a copy. Contact me to arrange a viewing.