Virtual Furniture

Having stumbled across a fantastic augmented reality app, I've begun to experiment with "virtual" furniture. Being able to visualise an item in the environment in which it will be used is a powerful tool for anyone from designer to end-user.

How does it work? A 3D computer model is generated of the product (this can be either a concept or an existing product). This model is then uploaded to the software & shared. Anyone with the free augmented reality app can then view the model for a limited period of time. Simply placing an A4 tracker  (a plain piece of A4 paper printed with a special pattern) on the floor or on a wall acts as an anchor for the virtual item, and ensures it is shown at the correct size & scale. 

Below is a very basic video showing the app in use, comparing a virtual  version of my Dale lounge chair with the real thing. I'll post more over the coming days as I experiment more.

For more information and to see how this software can benefit you, please contact me to discuss things further.